Sustainable management of biodiversity and protected areas in West Africa


With the support of the European Union


As part of the implementation of the European Union's Regional Indicative Program (RIP) in West Africa 2014–2020 (11th European Development Fund), in Priority Area 3: Resilience, food and nutritional security and natural resources, in consultation with ECOWAS and UEMOA, an action to support the preservation of biodiversity and fragile ecosystems, environmental governance and climate change in West Africa was selected - PAPBio" (ROC/FED/039-269).

What is Ecosystem Natural Capital Accounting (ENCA) ?

The ENCA is an accounting, multi-criteria and geo-localized method for integrating and synthesizing biophysical and socio-economic data on the potential and sustainability of all socio-ecological systems in a country. This method proposes to integrate physical degradation and hidden costs of nature use into national accounts and eventually into macroeconomic indicators.

What is the IMET ( Integrated Management effectiveness Tool)?

The IMET tool has been designed and developed to directly support managers, both in the field and at the central level (national protected area management agencies) to improve the effectiveness of protected area management and, more generally, biodiversity conservation. IMET is intended to be a free and accessible tool for all stakeholders in biodiversity conservation activities.

Why this site?

The purpose of this site is to gather information on all PAPBIO projects.

What is the compatibility of this site?

This site can be viewed using all types of browsers, on screen, tablet and mobile, with the exception of Internet Explorer which is now obsolete.