Design, develop and carry out actions that combine environmental preservation and economic dynamism

Nitidæ, a non-profit association under the 1901 law, was born from the merger of two associations (Etc Terra and Rongead) in December 2017. Its objective is to design, develop and carry out projects that combine the preservation of the environment and the strengthening local economies.

Founded in 1983, Rongead led actions aimed at improving the functioning of agrifood chains and increasing producer incomes and added value in the areas of intervention. Etc Terra, created in 2012, was involved in field projects reconciling the preservation of natural resources and economic dynamism in rural areas.

This merger now makes it possible to combine cutting-edge and complementary sectoral expertise (agriculture, markets and value chains on the one hand; forest, climate, REDD + and conservation on the other) and to create an innovation interface capable of offering integrated solutions for rural African territories.

With a team of 100 collaborators (economists, engineers, agronomists, foresters, geographers, soil carbon specialists, GIS and remote sensing experts), Nitidæ is currently leading around fifty projects, mainly in Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Mozambique and Ivory Coast. Nitidæ also provides technical expertise to agrifood and cosmetic companies wishing to improve the performance of agricultural value chains, reduce their impact on the environment (preservation of natural resources, energy efficiency of transformation processes, carbon offsetting of activities) and stimulate development. local economy in conjunction with producer organizations.