Mangrove forest management from Senegal to Benin

"PAPBio C1-Mangroves"

The project aims to achieve integrated protection of biodiversity and fragile mangrove ecosystems in West Africa and their enhanced resilience to climate change.



With the support of the European Union


Funding: European Union

Implementation :

  • Leader Institution: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
  • Co-applicants: Wetlands International Africa and the 5Deltas Collective (represented by Eclosio)

Duration: 47 months

Date of signature: July 16, 2019

Amount: 9,900,000 euros (including 10% co-financing)

Country of intervention: Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Togo, Benin



The overall objective of the project is to achieve integrated protection of the diversity and fragile ecosystems of mangroves in West Africa and their enhanced resilience to climate change. The specific objective of the project is to strengthen stakeholders in the management of protected areas and unprotected mangrove sites. The aim is to link the governance and production systems with mangrove conservation structures at the territorial level.


The project will implement the activities according to two principles: the direct implementation of the activities by the co-applicants at the origin of this project for the most technical and / or national, cross-border and regional activities; and the implementation of activities in relation to their capacities and centered at the local level by NGOs, associations and partners after submitting grant proposals.


  • Result 1. Socio-economic and sectoral activities in landscapes are coordinated in an integrated way; 

  • Result 2. Effective management systems for protected areas are developed and operational; 

  • Result 3. The riparian populations derive lasting benefits from PAs and are more resilient to climate change.


Grand Saloum

(Saloum Delta Biosphere Reserve in Senegal and Niumi Park in Gambia)

Leader: Wetlands International Africa



Rivières du Sud

(Casamance, Guinea-Bissau and Tristao)

Leader: Collective 5Deltas (represented by Eclosio)

Grand Mano

(Yawri bay, Sherbro - Turtle islands in Sierra Leone and Lake Piso in Liberia).

Leader: Wetlands International Africa


(Songor lagoon and Anlo-Keta lagoons in Ghana, mouth of Roy in Benin and Mono delta Biosphere Reserve in Benin and Togo) Leader: IUCN



The objective of the grant fund is to support the stakeholders of the PPCs identified in favor of the protection, restoration and enhancement of mangrove landscapes in order to sustain the functions and services they provide in a perspective of community resilience. who depend on it, especially in the face of the impacts of climate change.

Types of intervention for the subsidy fund:

  • Support research and monitoring actions in the fields of ecology, biology and sociology applied to biology and natural resources
  • Strengthen monitoring, control and enforcement capacities
  • Create, extend or restore spaces with the vocation of protected areas and promote their legal and ecological integration within the landscapes
  • Promote and support the implementation of natural resource development models.
  • Strengthen the management capacities and empowerment of associations, user groups, local NGOs

Eligible projects must cover a period of up to 24 months.


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