PAP-Bio Comoé -  Sustainable, participatory and integrated management of protected areas, peripheral territories of Comoé National Park. 

StartEndCost of the actionRole in the action
january 2020 september 2023 2 220 000 € Coordination


Main goals

Promote endogenous, inclusive and sustainable economic development of the peripheral areas of Comoé National Park, mainly Mont-Tingui.

Specific objectives

At regional level : Strengthen the concerted management of natural resources by setting up a structured dialogue between stakeholders: public institutions, sectoral associations, traditional authorities, local communities, private sector.

At the village level : Support the target villages in the development and implementation of harmonious and inclusive Local Development Plans (LDPs), based on official limits.

At the level of family farms: Improve the social and economic development of natural and human resources allowing a better resilience of populations in the face of climate change.


The biodiversity of Mont-Tingui and the Comoé National Park (PNC).

The Regional Council of Tchologo.

3000 agro-pastoral households bordering Mont-Tongui and the PNC.

The agents of the Deconcentrated Technical Services (STD), elected officials, customary authorities and civil society organizations.



Preparation of the Tchologo Regional Planning and Development Plan (SRADT) in close collaboration with the Ministry of Planning and Development.

  • Mobilization and sensitization of key actors and populations 

  • Territorial diagnosis 

  • Construction of scenarios and vision 

  • Development of the priority program and updating of the Strategic 

  • Development Plan (PSD)

Delimitation of the Territories of Villages, preparation and start of implementation of Local Development Plans.

  • Delimitation of Village Territories under the supervision of the Rural Land Agency (AFOR) 

  • Participatory development of Local Development Plans (PDL) 

  • Start of implementation of the PDL via a call for local projects financed by the project 

  • Establishment of a sustainable financing mechanism (decentralized taxation) dedicated to the implementation of PDLs beyond the terms of the project

Development of Income Generating Activities (IGA) to reduce pressure on the Mont-Tingui biodiversity area and on the PNC.

  • Training in agroecologically intensive production and support for sustainable sectors (organic and fair trade certifications for the cashew and shea sectors) 

  • Support for the livestock sector through the securing of livestock routes, the creation of agro-pastoral facilities (water points, grazing areas and rest areas, night parks) and support for local veterinary services 

  • Strengthening of public-private partnerships, in particular with N'Zi River Lodge, with a view to promoting ecotourism in the area